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In my opinion, the most important aspect is to have fun with it all. Release the learning anxiety and let it flow making the onus completely on me and not the pupil! My teaching method is slightly unconventional or can be viewed as perhaps backwards. In that, I want to ensure that my pupils are engaged from the get go. From experience, this translates to totally holding off any meaningful theory up until the point where they are producing harmonic sounds from the guitar and have adequate dexterity. At this point I begin to layer the theory on seamlessly (I hope!) while constantly building and deriving what we are learning with application hoping to bring it all full circle.

Philosophy of Teaching

When my pupils look at the guitar, I want them to see a freedom of options across the whole fretboard to make their playing more inspirational and less conventional. It is this journey and mindset I would like to share with my pupils. A quote that comes to mind is “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” Please check out my reviews to see what others have been saying about my teaching.

Years of experience

I bring my years of experience to focus on both the theory and practical side of music. I will assess your strengths and specialities to bring out the best in you. Using patience, calm and understanding, I will do everything I can to help you reach and accomplish your goals. I work with a range of levels, including individuals who may not yet be aware of their amazing talent. For those that are already serious about a career in music, I'll offer support, recommendations and feedback. For general inquiries or anything else you wish to know about my tuition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I would consider myself an intermediate level guitar player who had always believed that theory was not necessary. This was because it seemed daunting and also I felt that I was doing just fine...
Ryan Fernandes
As a beginner, I came to the East London Guitar Lessons thinking I'd learn a couple of new chords. However my lessons with Ameet quickly surpassed my expectations of how I thought I would enjoy...
Candace Christie
After playing guitar for a number of years, it took Ameet's creative and clear method of teaching to finally unlock the fretboard for me. I feel I can express myself musically for the first time and...
phil langley

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12 Reviews

yunn look

13 March 2019

13 March


Unconventional teaching style and has worked well for me. Ameet is passionate and it comes thru in his teaching.

Candace Christie

06 October 2018

06 October


As a beginner, I came to the East London Guitar Lessons thinking I'd learn a couple of new chords. However my lessons with Ameet quickly surpassed my expectatio...
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